COVID-19: Support to residents

Dear Resident, you should have received the attached sample yellow letter which was sent from Stroud District Council to every property in the district

Stroud District Council has been making a tremendous effort in the last few weeks contacting vulnerable residents across the district (Over 11,000 calls have been made and over 400 follow up visits). In addition to this, and to ensure that no vulnerable people are missed, officers and Group Leaders have been working on a letter to go to every household in the district. Not everyone has access to emails and the internet, and whilst the District Council knows that community groups in many wards are confident that they have reached every household, it may not be true throughout the whole district.

This letter sets out how people can access support if needed and reinforces some basics messages about service provision and about protecting ourselves from the virus. The timing of the letter has been carefully considered. ‘Lockdown’ has just been extended and a decent gap has been left after most people will have received their “Boris letters”. The letter has been designed to be easy to read, and is printed in 12pt font size and in black print on yellow paper as this is much easier for the elderly and people with visual impairments to read. This also has the advantage of ensuring that the letter will stand out. This will particularly help in any communication with residents who may be confused about what they received and it can be referred to as the “yellow letter”.

If you need any help and support then please contact Stroud District Council.

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